Handcrafting personal gifts for people that I care about really allows me to understand them better!


I created these stamps by cutting a wooden dowel into smaller sections on the band saw, then drilling a shallow blind hole into one end of each dowel section. I then used masking tape to create patterns on the sides of the dowels and my friend, Julia Wong's, initials on the non-drilled end of each dowel. I applied wood stain on the dowels over the tape with paper towels, and peeled off the tape to reveal the patterns after the stain dried. 

For the rubber stamp ends, I carved the pattern I wanted into an eraser, and on the other side I created a smaller extruded bit so that it would pressure fit inside the blind holes I made in the dowels. 



For the Kokeshi doll, I started off with a block of poplar wood, and turned it on the wood lathe into this cylindrical + spherical shape. I then cut the excess ends off on the band saw, and finished the surfaces using the belt sander and sand paper. The hook is screwed into a pilot blind hole I drilled into the head of the Kokeshi doll, and the patterns are painted on with watered down acrylic paint.