I have a passion in social innovation and service design, and I believe that at the center of those two things is good user experience design. 


Designers have the potential to make uncomfortable social issues more approachable and tedious tasks more engaging. I aspire to empower and connect people through design. 



Hello There :)

I'm Praewa Suntiasvaraporn, but you really can just call me Praew (say pu-ra-aew really quickly, or pray-ew? prow? Even I had to Google that up, so it really won't offend me if you can't say it right the first time!), and I am currently an Interaction Designer at IA Collaborative!


I am passionate about user-centric design and being able to create holistic systems for products, whether it be physical or digital, to live within. 

Read more about my current thoughts on design here.

Apart from my studio, you can probably find me bustling around my kitchen whipping out random experimental fusion recipes, hosting fun events for my school organization or just for friends, in the wood shop covered in saw dust, aggressively kicking pads at a Muay Thai Gym or attempting to speak to my friends in my broken Japanese/Korean/Chinese. Languages and cultures really intrigue me, so I am constantly trying to learn and understand the fundamental differences in each culture/religion, and how they shaped my friends into who they are today!




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